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Got my first knife from a hardware store in my hometown in Missouri near the Osarks..I think it cost about 1.50 or so?

Very dull, and i carried that knife for a long long time, actually kept it hidden from my parents..
I finally talked my Uncle into showing me how to get it sharpened...He pulled a stone of some sort out of his overalls and gave it a few strokes and I was into whittling..sticks galore, all from the ground, on the side of the gravel road i lived on..
Never really came up with too much, but sure got a lot of wood chips going..I did carve some OWLS, out of Walnut..Kept them for 40 plus years and when my Mother passed away they showed up again..Could NOT believe it that they still was around after all those years..
The knife is long gone now though, I do recall it had a yellow handle which was cracked and 3 blades..
If I remember I was around 8 years old or so..Many years have passed since then, a career in the Army Special Forces for 20 plus years, and other years that have gone on by, and now that I'm a diabled Veteran, and retired..I have plenty of Carving Time..Which I'm really glad I'm back, now to get going..Being on this site has sure helped and knowing The Master Carver Mr. Will Hayden has helped a whole lot..He's a class Act without a doubt..I really don't hink he knows how much he affects folks...He's "THE MAN" for sure..

The carving I enjoy the most is verrrrry small folks...normally ugly guys..lol

small guys, little everythings, santas, wizards...
finishing is the biggest feat haha..

whittling and bark carving the cave people..really anything about woodcarving and most of all Whittling...

I belong, but haven't been to any meetings..The club is the Northwest Carving Club..Hope to attend soon though..

Riding my Motorcycle, being in my Woodcarving Shop..Which I'm in EVERYDAY..unless I'm really sick or sumthin...
Watching OLD TIME WESTERNS, black and white types...
I also create BONSAI plants, and have for a long long time..VERY VERY relaxing and meditative..
I also like being on my Shop Laptop... Like to be around my Kids and Grandkids...When I can..
I also most of all enjoy being with my darling Wife and bet friend...

Sorry I don't do any...But open to talking about Carving or as for that, anything else also..

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