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I did a little carving in Cub Scouts. Then when I was in my mid 20's, once a year while at Church Camp for a week, I would carve designs and symbols into a walking stick. Then about 6 years ago, I want to carve more, but walking sticks were too awkward. So I started carving Snowmen from one by pine. Then I started getting creative. I also bought a book on caracture busts. And then I was hooked.

I primarily and almost exclusively carve caracatures. Most of my own design, creation, whatever. I do most of my carving with a knife, but using gouges more and more.

I enjoy being able to hold my piece in my hand and carve most any time or place. I enjoy carving santa's and hillbillies and other people, men! My women are not very feminine!

I'd like to learn more about chisels and painting and airbrush painting

I am a member of the National Wood Carvers Association
I am also an active member of the Lancaster County Woodcarvers, PA We meet at the Brownstown campus of the Lancaster County Career and Technical School on the Third Tuesday of the month. We start with informal carving time at 6 and a meeting at about 7 with a show-n-tell time and many times a demostration or a carving project.
We had our 35th Annual Woodcarving and Wildlife Art Festival this past March. We will have our 36th Festival the weekend after Memorial Day in 2009 and following at the Lancaster Home and Farm Center.
Check out our website: www.lancarvers.com

I enjoy driving, gardening, home repair / remodeling, canoeing. I am looking forward to my first grandchild in June.

I am not up to commission work!

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