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I picked up a knife (can't remember which one) about 15 years ago and proceeded to carve a caricature from some unknown hardwood. It didn' turn out too bad for having no instruction or pattern. The whole thing kind of evolved from there. I joined the Sunparlour Woodcarver's Club in Windsor, Ontario and got involved with the Windsor Woodcarving Museum when the club went defunct. I've taken seminars with Desiree Hajny, Janet Cordell, and Dennis Moore. Presently I'm on the board of the Museum and run an advanced woodworking class at our local College (St. Clair College, Windsor).

I still enjoy caricature carving for relaxation. Birds have become an interest and I'm taking lessons from our local expert every Tuesday morning. Although I haven't done much lately, I enjoy chip carving as well.

Caricatures, both human and animal. I make a mean shelf mouse that sells well. Love spoons are fun when I have the time to design one. Birds are still a challenge, mostly getting the anatomy and pose right.

Architectural carvings and moldings would fit in with my furniture. I especially like Chris Pye's work but my all time favorite is Grinling Gibbons. Inlaying and carving objects ala Ian Norbury looks interesting. First I've got to master inlays on non-flat workpieces (I'm getting pretty good at inlaid panels).

We don't have a club within decent travelling distance but we do have the Woodcarving Museum and I am involved with their activities.

I enjoy hand tool woodworking. Basically I use power only to prep rough lumber to nominal size. My most recent passion is inlay and it consumes quite a bit of my carving time. Also turning is very enjoyable and the results are more immediate than carving (the popcorn of woodworking-I make a rather unique pen). I dabble a bit in photography and ride my bicycle on nice days for exercise. I also have to admit that I really enjoy collecting fine tools.

Haven't really thought about doing commissions as I consider myself to be in the learning stage of one discipline or another all the time.

I can be reached at:
[email protected]

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05/30/2008 04:18:58

Good morning Larry,

You are more than welcome..  hope your weather is getting better..ours is waiting until July I think to start warming up.You folks have a nice summer.

Will in Vancouver WA

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