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When I was little my grandfather whittled and he gave me a pocket knife and I would try to do what he did. He did not carve. I worked in a hospital with a gentleman who is an awesome wood carver and bought some carving knives and did a rough Americana bunny. Nothing to write home about. That was about 10-15 years ago. Looking for someone to sharpen my knives and having no luck I looked for a wood carving club in hopes they could tell me where to go. Belleville Holzschnitzers is where I ended up. Don- my teacher in the club threw away several of my caving knives as they were junk. I have been in the club almost a year. LOVE it and love the members.

Still a Noobie! But want to do the Wood spirits. Actually nothing is disinteresting so will try all I can get my hands into.

Anything tiny!

Anything to do with carving! Want to do wood spirits and some character carving.

Belong to Belleville Area Holzschnitzers in Belleville Illinois.

I am a Certified Doll Doctor. Have been a miniaturist since I was a teen. I am a Miniature Teddy Bear Artist. Love miniatures. Collect many things including bears, penguins and much too much to mention.

An avid reader and amateur writer. Love to draw but am not very good. Oldest granddaughter and grandson are fantastic artists.

If there is a craft I haven't tried I will when I find out about it. knit, crochet, sew needlework etc.

Noobie here. No one wants my work........yet!

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04/30/2008 18:14:41


Every EXPERT was a beginner at one time

this is what I live by with my carvings, we are all at somplace in the learning curve.  New things to learn and others that we can improve on.

04/29/2008 08:42:01

Well... thank you for the nice words..

you can find more at my web site, willhayden.com

Have a nice day,

Willin Vancouver WA

04/29/2008 08:31:06


Love your carvings. Feel like I could wear the boots.


Thanks for the complement. The idea wasn't original, but I added the woodburning on the sides of the boots to make them look real.


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