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My Mom had done some carving when I was young and I thought maybe someday I would like to try it myself. About 2001-2002 I took a few one day/all day classes...but my arms and wrists were so sore I just wasn't having any fun. So I put my tools away.

Then in the summer of 2006 I visited Maxwell's Woodcarving store (AKA "The Buzzard's Roost")in Cole Camp MO. Jim Maxwell was starting a carving of an old time rabbit character and Margie, his wife, was painting several carvings. I asked them a ton of questions!! They were so nice and very encouraging. I gawked at every single carving that was in that shop. I left with a little buzzard carving and high hopes. I could hardly wait to get home to drag out my tools and start again. I truly thank them for taking the time to visit with me.

Later that same summer I met and enjoyed visiting Russ Hewitt in Branson MO. He introduced me to gouge chip carving. It was beautiful.

I started taking a weekly class when I got back home and keep learning a little more as I go.

Character carving. I want to learn chip carving too.

Santas are fun! I did a cute little turkey! Now I am designing a character turtle and hope to start carving it soon.

Right now I have got to learn more about sharpening my tools.

No clubs - but a weekly class when I can

My dog a miniature dachshund - Sarah Jane - she makes me laugh!! I love all kinds of movies.

I'll let you know when I'm ready!! Hahhahaha

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05/09/2008 13:54:45

now you have to add your picture to your PROFILE page


05/09/2008 13:41:41

I live just off of I205 at exit 32.. you should check with www://www.angelfire.com/or/westernwoodcarvers/

they meet on the east of Portland once a month. also visit my site for other goings on the the Northwest.


05/06/2008 20:10:36

So you met Jim Maxwell Margie... Have not seen them since back in the 80's in Colorado.. Let me welcome you aboard..this E Club for woodcarvers and hope you enjoy it.

Find some one that really knows his sharpening and stick close.. that is the key to carving...A SHARP tool.

and one question???where  Gladstone is?? Iknow where Blackstone is... or is it the one in OREGON??if so we are almost neighbors.

Will, in Vancouver WA

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