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Was it really "that" long ago?... guess it was. I caught the carving bug when introduced to carving as a Boy Scout. Then I progressed from a pocket knife to X-acto blades and 2x4 off cuts. A lot of chips have fallen over the years as I learned more about knife blades and wood. Carving is one of 3 things I have always enjoyed and so I've carved sporadically over the years ever since I carved my first neckerchief slide.

I admire all types and styles of carving because each one reflects the love and dedication of the person who created it. I may not attempt to carve something someone else did but I can relate to their love of and dedication to being creative.

Humor in life has always attracted me so I enjoy sharing situations which reflect the obsurdity of the human condition. Caricature carving is where I'm most comfortable and it makes me feel good if I can lighten someone's load or bring a smile to their face through a carving I created.

I would like to have the time to experiment with various painting mediums, materials and techniques.

Our home club is the Leipers Fork (Tennessee) Carving Club, 28 miles southwest of Nashville or about an hour's drive on the Natchez Trace from our home in Hohenwald, TN.

Participating in woodcarving events and shows around the country, drawing patterns to share with the carving community and (trying to) sing and play music on my pedal steel guitar or flat-top guitar. Painting was a favorite pass-time too though time no longer allows for much of that.

Information regarding my carvings, patterns and more than you may want to know about me can be found on my web site www.artofdon.com

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05/01/2008 16:00:54

Thanks for the message... Jim "OOOOO".I met via my web site over a year ago.. a great guy..and a heck of a carver, and a GREAT sense of humor. Have talked by phone and the E-mail often. We have traded a Christmas ornament and a small carving. I still can not get the swing of all this 'puter stuff", have been trying to find out how you aply to be a friend???guess I will have to write Matt for a helping hand. I guess Matt is resting up as I have not heard much since his dad got back home. I was wanting to get a little contest of sorts stared with the "Whittlers Group" but have got no further than an idea.....just something simple and small.

Have a nice day(evening)...Will

04/30/2008 18:26:44

Hi OlDonBurgdorf, I really enjoy looking and admire your different methods of carving. Your web site is great! Your carvings give me many ideas , matt...

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