Subject: 12th Annual Woodcarvers
Description: Courtesy of Jim O'Dea... See this website for more information: 12th Annual Woodcarvers Retreat in New England Oct 10th-13th    2008   We will  have   8  formal  classes this year and have reserved the same URI facilities as in past years for Friday night through Monday afternoon 4pm; 10, 11, 12    and 13 October 2008. This is Columbus Day weekend. This facility is a 2200 acre woodland and ponds at the W. Alton    Jones Annex of the University of Rhode Island, conveniently located a few miles off I-95 at exit 5B in RI.     Our objective is to provide a place where wood carvers from all over can gather to carve, socialize and improve their skills with room and board provided at affordable rates, a total of $190 for the weekend. The fact that you will witness first hand the    "changing of the colors" of the New England woodlands is an added bonus. All instructors and organizing staff are volunteering their time for this event.    All blanks needed for the classes can be purchased directly from the instructor at the start of the class.               On Friday when you arrive there will be a self serve meal available.    At 7pm Friday night we will have introductions and    sign up for the informal evening classes.    We will be happy to accomodate anyone else wanting to make announcements or give a talk.  Please bring along a carving for the show and tell table  in the main dinning room . On Saturday and Sunday nights, several of the attendees will have volunteered to instruct informal classes. We will not know until we arrive on Friday night all the informal evening classes that will be offered, but as an example in past years’s  Ed Ertel has  taught carving wood spirit faces, Joe Johnson carving spoons,    John Ziegler    did Gold Leaf demo, Harold Griffin did a Eagle Head Bolo and Peter Benson gave sharpening lessons and carved a small mouse Christmas ornament .    If you could teach a class please volunteer on the registration form. We will once again have a carving contest so practice up, last year we had    carvings from various eggs and spools. There will be separate cabins for men and women.    The cabins while rustic, are new with nice showers and comfortable twin size bunk beds. Although bunk beds are standard in the cabins, only the lower bunks will be used unless someone volunteers to use an upper bunk. We anticipate using all the lower bunks this year and may have to turn people away unless they volunteer for an upper bunk.    Each cabin has 9 bunk beds, no individual rooms exist. Some cabins can become quite loud at night  (for those that don’t snore)    so bring ear plugs.  Bring your own sheets, pillow, blankets/sleeping bag, soap, towel, shower shoes, Band-Aids and flashlight .   It is highly recommended that students bring a table/desk lamp. If you have a electrical plug strip bring that as well. The dining hall is open 24 hours a day with soda, coffee, tea, milk, fruit, and cookies continuously available at no additional charge. Meals are very good, food plentiful. We can accommodate Vegetarian meal requests. There are numerous picnic tables outside which can be used for carving weather permitting. Numerous walking trails exist through the woods. Our general format for classes has been to have one subject for Saturday and Sunday and then have students switch instructors on Monday for a different one day class. There are exceptions again this year due to the complexity of the group    project, the relief    class and Jack Miller’s Kestrel class which in order to complete may require students to work all 3 days on it. Classes on Monday continue through 4 pm, no evening meal is provided on Monday. Assignment to classes are first come first served (by mailed date of registration form) Instructors in 2008    and Specific classes/activities offered on Saturday and Sunday are:   1)   Rip Stangroom  –    (New England Wood Carvers  )-    This years subject is a  Santa Caricature.  Rip will instruct students on Flat Plane Carving. Students will learn the Scandanavian style of Flate plane carving and should be able to complete this carving including painting in 2 days. Max 10 students, blank cost should be just under $10.00. Rip has been instructing at our retreat for the past 11 years.   2)   Claire Ruch  –    ( Staten Island Woodcarvers )   – Claire is back again this year and will give students choice of  Wren, Chickadee or Goldfinch.  This includes feather layout and burning. Students will need a knife, sandpaper and wood burner, eyes provided are glass, max 12 students, blank cost about $15.Claire is an excellent bird carver and will take students from the roughout to the final burning of feathers and painting.    She will have feet and eyes available to students as well.   3) Pete LeClair  –     ( Member of Caricature Carvers of America)  –Carving a  Caricature Bust Figure.  An excellent carver Pete will take students through the basic layout of the face with a lot of step by step carving instruction on eyes, nose and mouth expressions.Pete is well know throughout the carving world and has traveled all over the US, England and Austraila to instruct his carving style.Blank cost about $10. which includes handouts .  Max 12 students.   4)   Mary- Ann Jack- Bleach -    Relief Carving (3 Day Class)      ( Award winning Canadian Carver) Will do a Relief Carving    of “ interesting landscapes”.    Carving since 1979 ,  Mary-Ann is a judge, instructor and author of many magazine articles.    She will take students through steps of relief carving offering techniques and some valuable tips. She will have several designs to choose from. Basswood Blank cost $15.00.    Max 10 students   5)   Jack Miller  – ( Hanover, PA ) –Carving a  Sparrow Hawk (Amer. Kestrel)   (3 Day class)-  Blank cost $20.    Tools required are a knife, various palm gauges, vee tool, sand paper, paints, brushes and hair dryer. Those desiring to do detail should bring a dremel and carving stones, also a wood burner and skew tip. Max 12 students.  Jack has won 13 ribbons at the Ward Worlds compitition.Students who finish in 2 days may elect another class or carve another subject with Jack.   6) Chris Howard  - ( Gatlinburg, TN)   – Realistic   Face Carving  from a rough out of your choice. Chris will have a good selection of rough outs, mostly Indian and Western style figure busts will be available to choose from. He has been instructing at our retreat for the past 2 years and does an excellent job in instructing students on face and eye carving. Blanks costs vary usually about $25-$30.    Chris for the last 5 years has been a professional realistic sculptor, from Gatlinburg, TN. He has worked in Europe and currently teaches at several of the Woodcarvers Roundups. Chris’s website is   7) Floyd Rhadigan- (Saline, MI) Caricature Figures-  Floyd is a 2007 inductee to the Caricature Carvers of America, Floyd was featured on the cover of all 3 major woodcarving magazines and took best of show, First and second at the 2006 CCA show held at Dollywood. He will have many blanks available from which you can pick one or two and he will provide guidance on that project, prices from $8-$20.   8) Tony Erickson- Bark in the Round Whimsical House-  Using 2 closely matched pieces of Montana Cottonwood bark. Handout will be provided for lighting your project with LED lights. Tools needed are knives, assorted gouges, superglue, Titebond II wood glue Deft or Krylon semi gloss sealer. Max 12 students,$30 for the2 pieces.   9) Group Project- Life Size Canada Geese Wall plaques (3) to be mounted in the entranceway hall,    requested by URI - In addition to the above classes, again this year we will have a group project lead by    Ray Johnson.  We will be working as a group from    roughouts which will require carving details of the geese, feathers etc. with hand tools (individuals may bring power tools if desired).    This carving    will be donated to the URI EEC which operates the facilities we will be staying in and will be displayed at the facility. Those attending this workshop will be partially substized by URI and will only pay  $50  for the weekend vice $190.    It will be necessary for some students to work through Monday to complete this project   If you complete your class in two days, you may  attend a different demonstration/carve along on Monday : Sign-up sheets will be posted for these classes at the retreat. Monday all day -Rip Stangroom will do a small Nisse    flat plane carving. Monday all day -Claire Ruch will do feather carving and burning techniques Monday all day- Pete LeClair will    do face on corner block Monday all day- Floyd Rhadigan – a small caricature of students choice Monday all day – Chris Howard – “Carving Eyes” Monday all day- Tony Erickson-Hummingbird Feeder- see Carving Magazine #21 Would you be  interested in being an instructor at the Woodcarvers Retreat in 2009 ? If so bring along an example of your proposed 2 day and 1 day projects and talk to Jim O'Dea and Ray Johnson at the Reteat. Instructors are unpaid volunteers, they receive free room and board at the retreat.Should you have further questions please feel free to call Ray Johnson at 860- 848-8194, ( [email protected]  ) or  write to his attention    Mystic Carvers Club, PO Box 71, Mystic, CT 06355 or e-mail Jim O’Dea ( [email protected]  )   Jim O'Dea Co- Chairman,       Ray Johnson Co-Chairman