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a hard fight
Posted On 09/20/2012 19:36:24 by ancizar
hello everybody my name is David Pinzon, i'm from colombia, and i began to carve 4 year ago, its a really hard life, I carvethink in every, golf ball, billar balls, wood, bone, bronze, stone,plastic, but its really dificult, in my country, it has lost the art,they  only interests in the conseptual art, for that reason and carver like me have to fight alone, actually i cant carve, i have problems in my arns, bud food , I making  changes to get back to carve... Read More

Kaisersatt Seminar
Posted On 09/11/2008 09:54:35 by Larry_in_Harrow
I got to attend a two day caricature seminar with Marv Kaisersatt on Sept. 9 and 10 at Chipping Away in Kitchener, Ontario.
The subject was " Head design and carving".  Had a really good time with Marv and a 7 other students.  There is a wealth of knowledge buried in his book in cartoon form.  Listening to him in person unlocks this previously overlooked stuff.  For instance, the last page contains a cartoon panel which lays out the step by step process for desi... Read More

The eyes have it... or at least, they have ME! Help!
Posted On 05/16/2008 20:43:27 by FloydB
    Not much happening in the carving arena the last couple of days... well, not much obvious anyway. I have a couple of interesting things happening this weekend that I will be able to report about in a couple of days...
    Today, though, I wanted to work some more on the wolf that I started and have been posting pictures of. I read through the next step of the instructions and saw that I had to carve... eyes.
  &... Read More

What?!? Me worry?!?
Posted On 05/13/2008 09:31:17 by FloydB
    Yesterday, I wrote about attending a class of experienced carvers last night and about how nervous I was feeling about going. I had been worried that I somehow might not "measure up" or that I wouldn't be welcomed by the group. I am pleased to say that I couldn't have been more wrong about either of those things... but the meeting had a most unexpected outcome.
    Allow me to back up just a bit...
    I was getting ready to go yesterday... Read More

Posted On 05/12/2008 11:51:40 by FloydB
    No, no.... I am not talking about carving butterflies.
    I am talking about having butterflies.
    You see, Hans Schwalm, one of the fellows who has been helping me by answering questions and generally letting me pester him with email after email, has invited me to go visit his class tonight... and to bring some of the things that I have been working on.
    To get a general sense of... Read More

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