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The eyes have it... or at least, they have ME! Help!
Posted On 05/16/2008 20:43:27 by FloydB
    Not much happening in the carving arena the last couple of days... well, not much obvious anyway. I have a couple of interesting things happening this weekend that I will be able to report about in a couple of days...
    Today, though, I wanted to work some more on the wolf that I started and have been posting pictures of. I read through the next step of the instructions and saw that I had to carve... eyes.
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What?!? Me worry?!?
Posted On 05/13/2008 09:31:17 by FloydB
    Yesterday, I wrote about attending a class of experienced carvers last night and about how nervous I was feeling about going. I had been worried that I somehow might not "measure up" or that I wouldn't be welcomed by the group. I am pleased to say that I couldn't have been more wrong about either of those things... but the meeting had a most unexpected outcome.
    Allow me to back up just a bit...
    I was getting ready to go yesterday... Read More

Posted On 05/12/2008 11:51:40 by FloydB
    No, no.... I am not talking about carving butterflies.
    I am talking about having butterflies.
    You see, Hans Schwalm, one of the fellows who has been helping me by answering questions and generally letting me pester him with email after email, has invited me to go visit his class tonight... and to bring some of the things that I have been working on.
    To get a general sense of... Read More

Show some restraint!
Posted On 05/11/2008 18:29:22 by FloydB
     Not much carving got done today. It was a really nice Mother's Day for my wife, though. The kids got up and took good care of her and we had a really nice lunch/dinner.
     Late in the afternoon when Sarah got distracted, I got a wild hair to go ahead and build the carving board that I have been wanting to build for a while. I have seen a couple of websites that have included plans, but I just put a mental image together of what I wanted/needed... Read More

Deep thoughts
Posted On 05/10/2008 18:34:49 by FloydB
     Warning: self-reflective journal entry dead ahead. Read at your own risk. I will not be responsible for you falling asleep atop your keyboard...
     I just had one of those "Oh! I get it!" moments.
     Don't you just love those?
     I was working on the roughout of a project (the wolf project from the current Carving magazine) when I noticed, af... Read More

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