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Santa with Deer with Photo Link
Posted On 05/27/2008 07:52:41 by lowvillecarver
Here is the photo link I mentioned I would try to include in my next journal entry.

http://picasaweb.google.com/lowvillecarver/20080527San tawDeer

There are other carvings out on my web albums but his is my progress to date on this guy.   Comments more than welcome as long as they are not just feel good things.   Patti

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Santa with Deer, Getting Close to the End
Posted On 05/26/2008 21:54:37 by lowvillecarver
What a fun but tedious carving this has been.   Problems galore but very interesting and lots of learning along the way.   Yesterday finally decided enough is enough...when do you really know when it is "done".   When you start looking at other wood and wondering what else you could be doing instead of picking away and second guessing yourself on this carving.   So got out the paints and went at it.   Spent most of the day on it, on and off, ... Read More

Santa with Deer with Broken Antler
Posted On 05/06/2008 19:44:42 by lowvillecarver
Yes, its hard to believe that I am still plugging away at this carving.   Today intently cleaing up the area of the hand and the basket and all of my good intentions to remember the antlers went out the window when I heard the "Crack".    So out with the drill and glue and dowel and got him repaired.   Looks good as new and probably stronger.  My affection for this guy seems to be on the wane so must be close to done.   When do you know for sure... Read More

Santa with Deer - the saga continues
Posted On 04/27/2008 07:16:00 by lowvillecarver
Yesterday did some final wood removal on the back with the help of kind suggestions of alcohol.   Did help.   Cleaned it up a bit.   Did more defining of the rear legs.  Carved the basket and woodburned some shading in the weave and the harness on the deer.   Brushed it off and then took a 1 minute movie with the carving on a turntable, so you can see all sides, that I stuck out on UTube for my club members to peruse.   Worked hard enough th... Read More

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