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Its a great day part 3.......a no nonsense jooltool review
Posted On 05/04/2008 17:32:24 by mauramacaluso
THE NO NONSENSE JOOLTOOL REVIEW------   The purpose of buying the Jooltool was to provide a carving class with an all purpose sharpening system that everyone could learn to use properly and easily. I was originally looking at the Burke sytem and other vertical wheel sharpening systems but went with a reccomendation from the vendor.  I was a bit skeptical at first but agreed to try this new horizontal abrasive system.   My expectations:  a fast, easy way to... Read More

Its a great day......... opening the box pt. 2
Posted On 05/03/2008 15:30:15 by mauramacaluso
All the carvers gathered round as the new carving supplies were taken out of the box. They really liked the Japanese power grip tools.  The handles were a bit smaller and shaped differently from any other carving tool I had seen.  The women especially liked the way they fit their hands and even some of the men commented on how comfortable they were to hold.  Even better, the tools arrived quite sharp.  They passed the 3 study sticks around and told me what a great thing they... Read More

Its a great day.......when you recieve your big tool order pt.1
Posted On 05/02/2008 17:47:14 by mauramacaluso
As carving instructor for the NYC parks dept. I was afforded the opportunity to put together an order for supplies.  The program had been existing on a wing and a prayer but when I took it over, I approached those in charge and simply asked for some funding.  Presto, it appeared.  I spent days deciding how the money would best be spent. I contacted larry over at THE WOODCRAFT SHOP, chosen because of his knowledge and excellent service.  I ordered 6 sets of Japanese... Read More

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