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Its a great day.......when you recieve your big tool order pt.1
Posted On 05/02/2008 17:47:14 by mauramacaluso
As carving instructor for the NYC parks dept. I was afforded the opportunity to put together an order for supplies.  The program had been existing on a wing and a prayer but when I took it over, I approached those in charge and simply asked for some funding.  Presto, it appeared.  I spent days deciding how the money would best be spent. I contacted larry over at THE WOODCRAFT SHOP, chosen because of his knowledge and excellent service.  I ordered 6 sets of Japanese... Read More

Santa with Deer - the saga continues
Posted On 05/01/2008 11:15:37 by lowvillecarver
Took two days off to wear my carpal tunnel glove...actually went furniture shopping, and bought some, and today we are installing base trim on a new wood floor.   So I keep peeking out to the studio...and yep...he is still out there waiting for me to clean him up and finish him.   Have gotten a bunch of good comments for those who saw him on the turntable going round and round on UTube.    It really gave me a full minute of just looking from all angles...to see... Read More

Santa with Deer - Another Day
Posted On 04/25/2008 05:00:49 by lowvillecarver
Another day and after I fuel my personal furnace will take a new look at the messy project.   Following is a link to pics of where I am this morning.  Plan to use Sally's suggestion of the alcohol water mix and see if the wood is more friendly.   Patti

http://picasaweb.google.com/lowvillecarver/20080425San taDeerProgress
... Read More

Discouraging Day
Posted On 04/24/2008 10:12:55 by lowvillecarver
Probably a terrible day to write but I need to get out my frustration.  As is often my case,  I choose to carve things that are probably way over my head and then when I struggle, I wonder why I didn't see it coming.  Currently working on several pieces but the major problem lies in a large in the round carving of Santa with Reindeer.  I guess this would be non-realistic as it is turning out that way.   First issue...only had a front view sketch of what this would l... Read More

Selling your woodcarvings
Posted On 04/18/2008 17:19:34 by mauramacaluso
Selling your Carvings The true title of this journal entry should really be “Selling yourself”.  Selling anything other than necessities requires marketing know how and image presentation.  You don't need to be an award winning sculptor to sell your carvings and in some instances the carving does not have to be technically well done.  There are some marketing experts who would have no trouble selling ice cubes to penguins.  And there are excellent carvers who ca... Read More

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