Its a great day......... opening the box pt. 2
Posted On 05/03/2008 15:30:15 by mauramacaluso
All the carvers gathered round as the new carving supplies were taken out of the box. They really liked the Japanese power grip tools.  The handles were a bit smaller and shaped differently from any other carving tool I had seen.  The women especially liked the way they fit their hands and even some of the men commented on how comfortable they were to hold.  Even better, the tools arrived quite sharp.  They passed the 3 study sticks around and told me what a great thing they were.  They all approved of my purchase of the Murphy knives, as well, knowing that we could now provide any new carvers with needed beginners supplies. There were lots of other little doodads in the box but the best was yet to come.  I lifted the shiny new sharpener up and out of the box.  "Wow, whats that, the carvers' curiousity was piqued.  I said this is our new sharpener.  Boy, did that make the group happy.  It was the Jool Tool, a system that was just coming out in the carving world and was being hawked in every magazine and at every carving and woodworking show.  Originally, I was not going to purchase this because it was so new to the market, opting instead to go with The Burke system but Larry at the Woodcraft Shop steered me to the Jool Tool and said I would not be disappointed.  I decided the only way to get the sharpening system ready for the other carvers to use was for me to take it home, watch the video, set it all up and see how it worked.  Thats just what I did....................To be continued

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