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Posted On 05/11/2008 18:29:22 by FloydB
     Not much carving got done today. It was a really nice Mother's Day for my wife, though. The kids got up and took good care of her and we had a really nice lunch/dinner.
     Late in the afternoon when Sarah got distracted, I got a wild hair to go ahead and build the carving board that I have been wanting to build for a while. I have seen a couple of websites that have included plans, but I just put a mental image together of what I wanted/needed and off to Home Despot I went!
     I bought:

a piece of MDF 1/2"X2X4 (MUCH larger than I needed, but my son had things he wanted to build too)
a 1X2X6
#6X2" wood screws (though in hindsight, I should have gone one size smaller)
a roll of non-slip shelf liner
a can of general purpose spray adhesive
yellow wood glue
(OK, OK,OK... I didn;t but the tape measure or the screwdrivers in the picture. I don't know HOW they got in there.... honest!)

     I decided to make my board to be about 16" square so that it could accomadate projects slightly larger than what I am doing now so I cut out a 16"X16" piece of MDF. Then I cut 2 16" pieces of 1X2 and 2 12" pieces.

      I put wood glue in the edge of the MDF and then drove the wood screws through it (making some nice cracks in the board in the process). After that was done, I put the shelf liner on the back as well as on the workspace to further reduce the possibility of slipping.

     And there she is! The final price was right around $25 for everything... though that left me with a LOT of left-over MDF, which I might make another carving board out of if I can come up with a different design.  
     Until next time... thanks for reading!


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