The eyes have it... or at least, they have ME! Help!
Posted On 05/16/2008 20:43:27 by FloydB
    Not much happening in the carving arena the last couple of days... well, not much obvious anyway. I have a couple of interesting things happening this weekend that I will be able to report about in a couple of days...
    Today, though, I wanted to work some more on the wolf that I started and have been posting pictures of. I read through the next step of the instructions and saw that I had to carve... eyes.
    Before I messed up the carving that I was doing, I figured that I would try out a few practice eyes on another board first. This was the result:
    See there, below the row of "A"'s? They look more like nostrils than eyes...
      The instructions say to carve a shallow gouge out, draw the eye and then "round it off either with the knife or the gouge".... I started off by trying to do one the size that the wolf would need (the second one from the left) and thought that maybe I was trying too small for my first attempt so gradually got bigger and bigger until... they still looked like crap. LOL
    So if you have any sage words of advice to offer, "eye" would really love to hear them. Until then, my copy of the new Woodcarving Illustrated got here today and so I am going to go distract myself for a while.
    Thanks for reading!


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06/14/2008 17:45:14

Keep at it Floyd, the only way to really learn is to do.  If you belong to a carving club or group don't be shy. Ask someone if they can show you how they do eyes, then ask someone else.  everyone has their own way of doing it.

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