mileposts in carving
Posted On 07/08/2008 09:29:12 by mauramacaluso
Something inside me allows me to take on those carvings that I feel are way above my current skill level.  I find I learn the most from those.  Right now I am working with an antique dealer repairing the things that have been cluttering up his basement and garage.  It is mostly classical designs which have a piece missing here or there which need to be replaced and then recarved.  I have aspired to this type of carving for a few years now but this is my first real steps towards it.  The trick is to study the carvings and try to understand which tools were used to make the original and then to go ahead and match it with the tools I have available.  What I am learning is invaluable for my future in carving and I have been very proud to know that I am continuing what some other carver started 200 years ago or so and giving it another life.  I am the only one who knows where my mistakes are and of course they glare out at me but when a carving is finished that I know raised my skill level I simply want to admire it forever, feeding my ego and spurring me to greater heights.  I feel a loss when I sell them now.  I have never hated anything I've carved and have never trashed a single one and have often felt like going back over a completed carving to fix those things that bother me but,,,,,,,,,I have stopped myself from doing that understanding that each and every carving is just a milepost on the highway of my carving journey.  Learn to appreciate the journey and not worry so much about picking each finished carving apart.


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