There and Back Again
Posted On 02/19/2010 18:56:36 by MissVic

"there" was a no carving zone.. or limited carving.. but now.. I think I'm back again.  I managed to finish Keith's cowboy for Dad - though it required an amputation (center of back to top of shoulder down the front to just into the pocket and still in the pocket around to the center back) The arm I had to rid him of looked like an empty sleeve.  I just couldn't live with it.. non carvers of course said "it doesn't look that bad" to me however, it looked like what Trudy would call "designer fire wood".  It was perfect for my dad too as he has an artificial shoulder, both hips and one knee - the other knee is fused and I took it to him the night before he went in for 7 hrs of surgery on his back while they fused 3-4 & 5 and whittled on 2 and 6.  That was Dec. 10th.  I then finished up a bark house I'd started in Gillette WY with Trudy and Veronica in Oct.  and another small one I'd started over Labor Day weekend and given them away...  Oh ya.. and there was another I did before I finished the cowboy... and it too had a planned home. Then I managed to get one knocked out in 2 wks for a  free clinic auction the 6th and I will have at least one more ready for a fund raiser next weekend.  I'm kind of sick of bark at the minute with the 2 donations having time restrictions. I was VERY pleased with the last one. It had my best tree yet.. (I've only tried 3.) My imagination is having a hard time kicking in this week.  Last week my grandmother turned 100 and with family and party plans, there was no time to begin and it's hard to rush relaxing.. so imagining can happen.  I'll go hang out with Trudy and Mel tomorrow afternoon.. they'll help it get kicked in!


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