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I got started carving about 14 years ago, however it was on and off (mostly off) while I was engaged in that 4 letter word--WORK. After retirement, I was able to carve more, attend some seminars, join a carving club, and try to get a little better at my chosen "hobby". I still don't spend enough time carving because there are many other things in my life that continue to interfere--interfere in a good way. I enjoy too many different activities to be a full time carver, or a full time anything, for that matter.

I enjoy carving caricatures, Santas, and woodspirits in Cottonwood bark. Recently I have started chainsaw carving and have really enjoyed the little I have done.

I think I enjoy carving all things, and it seems that all things interest me. When I see a carving or picture, I'd like to carve it, however, time and other activities interfere, so I pretty much stick to the types of carving mentioned above.

How to make the day longer!!

Wisconsin River Woodcarvers in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.
I also belong to several other clubs that have good shows or good seminars so that I am notified about these and have a good chance of being accepted for the show or seminar.

I also enjoy being with my family and my 2 beautiful granddaughters, golfing, fishing, biking, walking, cooking and spending time with my lovely wife, Suzie, who is a watercolor artist and an excellent pyrographer.

The only commissions I have done have been for family and friends. I have sold some carvings at shows, but don't have a web site and really don't advertise, so I guess commissions have avoided me. I have a picturetrail photo sharing site at www.picturetrail.com/dicka where I have many of my latest, favorite carvings. My e-mail is [email protected] and I am available there most of the time.

THE WHITTLERS, Caricatures With Character

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05/17/2008 07:05:20

You are more than welcome..shipped a hand full of Items for Matt to use as he wished..

Have a gret weekend.. and a great 150th MN birthday party


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