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POSTED BY: Mazcarver on 08/26/2008 20:47:19

Hola everyone! My name is Albert and I'm a travel writer/ Air Force vet who lives in Mazatlan, I have found a very unique kind of woodcraft and an even more special artist. If you've been down here you've probably seen the Copala Houses out of Pochote. If you haven't they're miniauture houses carved out of the thick pointed bark. This art is only practiced in Mexico and West Africa where they make chess pieces out of it. Anyways, there once lived a girl who by natures grace used this art to fund her leap from poverty and to progress, her name is Angelica Xotchil Taylor Rodrigez.  Angy started carving at the age of eight using a steel nail and selling her houses for $1 to tourists in Copala where she lived. Sweet sixteen meant she was on her own and off to the big city. The bright lights are'nt so bright for young lady alone. Angy took a gamble before she gave up and started selling her carvings like she did in her pueblo, it worked. Now Angy is almost done with college, top of her class all by herself, no dad, no mom, no bros, they all faded away long ago. This is not fiction and Angie is the flower that grows in the sand. Its low season in Mazatlan and she is struggling to pay rent and food. I'm posting this hoping someone is interested in helping. I've really never done anything like this so I'm hoping members will know someone who has one of Angie's houses , and is concerned with saving the treasure she is.



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