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"Be a part of something great in the internet world of woodcarving."

--Will Hayden

Dear Fellow Woodcarver,

Do you enjoy the encouragement, admiration, friendship, and advice of other woodcarvers? Would you like a page on the Internet all about you and your woodcarving -- something you can really be proud of?

If so, then welcome home..

Dive into MyCarvingclub.com, where you can meet and share with fellow woodcarvers from around the world. If you love woodcarving, you will feel right at home at the Internet's most full-featured community dedicated solely to woodcarving!

Here is an impressive list of the features you'll enjoy at this website:

  • An easy-to-access web page all about you and your woodcarvings that you can share with others.
  • Display your work and comment on others' carvings in our woodcarving-only photo gallery.
  • Chat with and learn from woodcarvers from around the world in our forums.
  • Keep up to date with your woodcarving friends, share knowledge, and see what other folks are thinking with our Journals.
  • You can meet and talk with other carvers with the same interests by joining or creating a Group.
  • Earn money selling your work online -- this could more than pay for your membership every month.
  • Attract visitors to your local club meeting, woodcarving show, or class with our Events calendar.
  • Learn from and be inspired by notable woodcarvers in our monthly interviews.
  • No ads, banners, "blinkies" or other distractions in this 100% advertising-free woodcarving website
  • Enjoy the "hands-down" friendliest woodcarver community on the Internet.
  • A convenient "one stop shop" built "from the ground up" for woodcarvers instead of six separate sites!

"Matt has obviously put a lot of time and effort (read blood, sweat and tears)
into providing a superb show and tell facility for the carving community.
To the new arrivals I say, Welcome!! Relax, sit a spell and make use of all
the options our on-line carving club has to offer.
YOU are what makes this club a great place to visit."

--Ol'Don Burgdorf

Let's break all these features down and see what they can do for you...

Your Own Woodcarving Web Page

As soon as you sign up, you'll instantly receive your own webpage all about you and your woodcarving. It will have a personalized address you can share with your friends, like mine: MyCarvingClub.com/mattgordon. From there, your web page visitors can see your woodcarving pictures, your friends on the site, and much more.

Click here to see a video about your personalized profile page.

Our Woodcarving Photo Gallery

You will enjoy having photos of your woodcarvings in our Photo Gallery. You can display your work, comment on the work of others, and more!

Click here to see a video about our Photo Gallery.

Learn, Share, and Laugh in our Discussion Forums

Want some advice or a tip or two? This is the place where woodcarvers come to talk. We have one forum exclusively focused on woodcarving, and another, less formal, forum where we can get to know each other and go "off topic."

Click here to see a video about our forums.

Journals - Your Own Internet Soapbox!

Whether you'd like to write an article, demonstrate a project, or just talk about the weather, our Journals are the place to let the budding author in you out. Keep friends up to date with your projects and see what they've been up to! Lots of people are "blogging" these days, and it's your chance to join them!

Click here to see a video about our Journals.

Find Your "Woodcarving Twins" in Our Groups

Our Groups is where like-minded woodcarvers can really get down to the "nitty gritty" in a group dedicated to only your interests. Would you like to create a special place for your fellow caricature carvers? Or maybe a special photo gallery and forum for your local carving club? Anyone can easily create a group with its own private space, invite others to join, and connect with people who have similar interests!

Click here to see a video about our Groups.

Your Own Woodcarving Store In Our Classifieds

Yes, this really can make your membership FREE. You can post an ad to sell a carving, old tool, or any other kind of item. If you're really successful with this, you could actually MAKE money here on the site. There are never any additional fees for this, so it may be a great way to earn some extra cash.

Find Out Where To "See & Be Seen" at Events!

As an online woodcarving club, we want to do everything we can to support all those "offline" activities. We've developed a calendar where any member can list their upcoming event... whether it is a class, club meeting, or woodcarving show. Find out about upcoming events in your neck of the woods, and then "RSVP" so other members can keep an eye out for you! Know of an upcoming event? List it and invite other carvers.

Hear Our Exclusive Interviews

Every month or so, I record an interview a notable carver, instructor, or author. You are free to listen to them on your computer or download them to your music player. So far, I've had some great conversations with Desiree Hanjy, Ol'Don Burgdorf, Teri Embrey, and many others.

No Ads -- All Woodcarvers, All the Time!

Many websites are sponsored by a company that either wants to promote their own products and services, or they want to sell advertising to display for their visitors. You've seen those blinking, bright ads that can make a website look like the Las Vegas strip! I don't like that kind of experience, and I'll bet you don't either. Besides, I want to spend the time I have on this site interacting with my fellow woodcarvers and building a better community, not arranging advertising and making sure no one says anything bad about something one of those companies sells! So that's why this site is ad-free.

Best-Behavior Environment

You can be sure that your fellow members are here on purpose, not by accident. They care about woodcarving and want to interact with their fellow woodcarvers. At MyCarvingclub.com, you're not an anonymous user. You know us and all of us know you. This leads to a community that is generally kinder and more civilized. Say goodbye to that hateful Internet "flaming!" Trust me, if someone wants to come in here and ruin your fun, they'll find themselves kicked out pretty quick! I'd much rather "fire" one bad customer than lose three good ones who get upset and leave.

"Come and join in on all the new features and make this place be a valuable asset to one and all."

--Trudy Ginest

Built "from the ground up" just for Woodcarvers!

At MyCarvingClub.com, we have taken all the best features of the Internet -- advanced forums, photo galleries, classified ads, groups, blogs, and more -- and rolled them into one community exclusively dedicated to woodcarving! You don't need to go to six different sites anymore to get your "woodcarving fix" when you can't be in the shop with a knife or gouge. Yes, that's a lot of stuff... but don't worry, it's all very manageable and easy to navigate.

A Special BONUS for


Will Hayden has graciously donated 9 small carvings and one tee shirt (Men's size XL) to give away to the fastest movers... So if you're the first to sign up, I'll send you a tee shirt with some of Will's great caricature carvings on them.  Charter Members 2 - 10 will each receive a small carving from Will.  Just make sure to thank "The Mayor" when you see him hanging around the site!

[UPDATE:  The above bonus sold out in the first couple of hours.]

"It's looking good Matt. You've done a great job!!!
I look forward to spending some time here."

--Sally Nye

How you can join as a Charter Member... with no risk to your wallet.

Getting started at MyCarvingClub.com couldn't be easier. The monthly membership dues are just $3.99, but I'm inviting you to join today for FREE and try everything out for 30 days without spending a dime. Join today at no cost and take advantage of everything the site has to offer for 30 days. Take a full month to talk to our other members in the forums, join or create groups with your interests, post your photos, write some journal entries, and sell your carvings online with our classified ads. Even download our woodcarver interviews and keep them forever.

Our Guarantee...

If you are unsatisfied with the world's first - and only - online woodcarving club, just email me and I'll cancel your membership, delete your photos, and remove your web page. You won't be out one red cent. Even if it's the last day of your 30-day free trial period!

Even after the first month, you can cancel at any time for any reason or no reason at all. Plus, if we ever lower our regular monthly membership price below $3.99 (VERY doubtful) for any reason, your membership fees will be automatically lowered to the new lower rate.

It's easy to order... just click the link below:


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PS: One thing I can promise you about the price: It WILL go up at some point in the future. Join today to get in on the ground floor of this premier woodcarving site while slots are still available!


We'll See You "On The Inside!"

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