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Hi my name is matt, I live in up state NY, I have been carving, Walking/Hiking sticks, Faces in wood, and Miniature Twig Furniture for (14) years, when I bought my first tools from woodcraft. A 6mm Stubi V tool, A 20mm #3, and A set of Remelson carving tools. I now have many tools! More than I need. I usually Sell or Give the sticks away to friends, or folks that need one. The pictures that I posted were carved about (13) years ago. I have not carved any thing in (3) years. Between (COPD) A lung condition that I have, and just not having other people to carve with, it gets A little frustrating! But I am dead set on learning all that I can. And being the best I can be!!!

I like carving faces in wood, soft or hard wood, it doesn't really matter. I also do some relief carving, this is something new.

Any and everything!!

I would like to learn more about carving "Caricatures" fish and wildlife!!

Unfourtunily There are no carving clubs or classes to help me learn new technics! I use to watch-wood carving with Rick Butz, on my local pbs tv station. this was MANY YEARS ago. I now read many books on carving.

I enjoy hiking the woods, when I can, and searching for just the right stick, study it,to figure out what I can see in it-Wizard-Troll-Animal, and so on. I also enjoy, Fishing-Hunting, and playing my guitar!

I do not take Commissions!

Wood Carving Patterns Corner, Ask a Carver! Need help?

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04/14/2011 07:49:53


How are you???long time no visit.. still breathing but they have upper my O2 from 3 LPM to 6LPM 24 seven.. so do dot get around as fast as I use too.

Take care and stay warm


02/06/2010 19:19:57

Kudgie... How the heck are you???It haas been a while.. bad year for me ,2009.. Back trouble in Feb from old hits from Korea 1951.. and in Jan I failed all my breathing test.. and have just got worse as the year yent by.. now on O2 24/7 but try to whittle a little each day

IPF (no real cure/treatment).. not much running around.. to the doctors and that's about it.. did not even get around to sending out cards this Christmas so I am sure there are a lot of folks that think I may have cashed in.. If you see Dr Izzo.. please tell him hello for us.. we still TOPSIDE..

Take care and keep in touch.


in Vancouver WA

05/15/2008 21:18:12

Matt... watched that PBS show on the Saratoga Springs area of NY a great show, the wife and enjoyed very much.

Have a nice summer and get in a little carving.


04/29/2008 18:34:01

Thanks for the come back... Brain was my Company clerck with the 44th MASH unit in the late sixties..We put away for drinks together..He went to medical school after he got out. I have stayed in touch all these years...was always thinking that one year we would get back together for a visit. By all means if you do see him give him a nice hand shake and a hug, from his old 1st Sgt..Thanks,

Will in Vancouver

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