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I started carving in 1997 in an adult ed class through the local technical college. I wanted to carve Father Christmas figures or Santas. I wanted to have a collection and thought I could begin with one or two of my own. I have moved from making very small chips with nervous hesitation to finally getting right in there and removing some wood. What is the worse that can happen...a re-design, right? I find carving absorbing, more than relaxing and I love everything I carve...remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

In the round is where I began and that took a few years. I actually want to carve everything I see except for birds and chip carving. Bird carvers are so demanding in the area of realism that it would break my heart if my carving was discounted for one too many or one to few feathers or in the wrong place. Chip carving looks to be tedious and I am not known for my patience so that has not been tried to date either. Have settled in a big way on relief carving. It is my preference these days.

As I said above...I have carved a ton of Father Christmas figures. Then went to a Southwest phase and carved Kachinas and western figures. I like to carve spoons, small figures and egg santas when we are camping but my favorite carvings in the studio are relief carvings. I have carved landscapes, people, flowers and signs. Love the work.

Finishing and sharpening. I still do not sharpen my own tools. My husband keeps them dressed up for the most part and then every three months or so, I send them off to my favorite knife maker who is also an expert sharpener. Since I like buying tools almost as much as I like carving, there is never a shortage of sharp tools on my bench.

Capital Area Carvers of Wisconsin - Madison, Wisconsin.
DeWhittlers Carving Group - DeForest, Wisconsin

Family, especially grandbabies. Flower Gardens. Kayaking (not whitewater). Reading and book discussion group. Camping and fishing with my husband. Green Bay Packers and Brett Favre. Travel especially Key West and Sedona.

As an intermediate carver, commissions are not an issue. I have sold many carvings at our annual show but mostly feel sorry for everyone I no longer own. Would rather give as gifts or keep to watch my progress.

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