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Only 1 year, but I've been an admirer of the art for many more. All those years of going with Dad to the carving shows rubbed off, I guess.

Caricature, Chains, Ball & Cage... I like to try lots of different things!

People and inanimate objects. I'm not much of an animal carver.

Sharpening, basic woodcarving skills of course, and painting my work.

Belleville Area Holzschnitzers - Belleville, Illinois

Photography (especially Landscapes), Travel, Reading

Don't bother... you wouldn't want to pay a cent for my carvings unless you're buying kindling! :)

09/28/2009 20:32:17
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THE WHITTLERS, Beginning Woodcarvers

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05/12/2008 19:31:50

Matt... can you have the new (and some of the old) at lest put a NAME on their profile page.. I would like to write them a little welcome message.. but hate to start out with Hey You..and not even to know where they are from.. makes it hard to write too a person.

I worte to one because they had a CITY listed, but no state.. so I wrote and told of one town by that name...and they came back with a town that is , mabe 20 minutes from me..

Just a thought.

Will in Vancouver WA

04/23/2008 19:45:32

mattgordon wrote:

Nice to see someone representing woodburning on the site, Pat!

thanks matt. i do both carving and woodburning. like doing a combo of them in one picture.

nice site i must add.  hope all goes well tomorrow with gordon.

04/23/2008 15:56:12

Pretty good looking kindling. As long as you compare it to firewood, I'd pay the freight and firewood price to have it at my house.


04/23/2008 15:17:29

mattgordon wrote:

I think you're the best-dressed guy here!  

It is the only picture of the usual photographer I could find quickly!

04/12/2008 16:58:10

What is the story about the train ?  Would like to know more about it.

Robert Mace

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