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I, like many other carvers, began carving after a traumatic injury. I had severly broken my leg and ankle and was in a cast and wheelchair for quite some time. Prior to my injury I had set up a small basement workshop in order to keep my 100 year old house in working order. After laying in bed watching TV, reading and playing on my pc for months and months, I found myself completely bored. I hobbled myself down into the basement workshop only to find that I couldn't stand up to use any of my bench tools so I gave up the idea and tried to get myself back upstairs to bed only to find myself incapable of getting back up the stairs. Realizing that it would be hours before someone came home to help me, I sat down on a stool. I picked up a utility knife and a small piece of wood and fashioned myself a small little penguin. Over the next few days, I wanted nothing but to try my hand at carving again. I soon became obsessed and was carving in my every spare moment. I didn't know much about carving and truely believed that I was the only woodcarver in the whole world and at the time, that was fine with me. Then one day i typed "woodcarving" into a search engine and discovered the secret world of woodcarvers. It was then that I took off, encouraged by lots of carvers out there. Today, 5 years later, i am an accomplished commission carver and the woodcarving instructor for the New York City Parks dept. I am also affliliated with a few different carving clubs and many internet carving lists.

My first love is relief carving but as a commission carver I have been asked to carve endless different subjects and have enjoyed each project I have been involved with. My least favorite types of carvings to do are chip and caricature carving, although I am proficient at both.

Nautical, native american and celtic carvings are my personal favorites.

The history of woodcarving down through the ages. If anyone has any books or sites that pertain to this I would be very interested. Thanks

The woodcarvers of Queens NY
The Richmond County Carving Club
The carvers at Cromwell.

I am a very eclectic person and my interests and talents vary. I like woodworking, scrolling, painting, reading, writing, drawing, singing, traveling, science, nature, and trivia just to name a few things. I have a thirst for knowledge and never know what will pique my interest at any given time.

I consider any and all commission requests.
You can contact me through my website at www.carvinginnyc.com or directly through my email [email protected]

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Ask a Carver! Need help?, Wood Carving Patterns Corner

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11/16/2008 16:30:27

mauramacaluso wrote:

Hi Lynnette, you left a comment and question on one of my pics which was a greenman woodburning.  The greenman was woodburned onto a thin 1/4" piece of red cedar and was finished off with a simple acrylic spray which really brought out the color of the cedar. Thanks for looking.

  Very Very Cool!!

05/16/2008 18:29:52

Hey Maura -

Sorry for the delay in responding. Still up in the air about the Roundup this year. We are trying to take a family vacation down to VA, NC, & SC this year and it may overlap timing wise.  I am hoping to at least make a day trip out for one of the days if not a couple. We'll see.

I never got a response from Mark. I know he does a LOT of AMAZING work though and get's paid well for it. I also know that you're trying to get to making a nice living from your carving so I thought if nothing else, you might want to meet him and talk. He's a VERY nice bloke and is always complaining he has more work than he can handle. So - I thought of you.  I hope something works out, but if not you might want to take a field trip to his studio in Bethlehem PA and have a chat.

How's your teaching in NYC going?  Hope you're well.




mauramacaluso wrote:

Hi There chuck, how the heck are you.  sorry life is getting in the way of carving for ya, happens sometimes.  Glad you found the jooltool review helpful. there's not much out there on it yet.    


are you goin to the pocono roundup this year.  I hope so.  My problem is deciding what classes to take.  It would be good to see ya


Did recieve an email from mark, I replied that I would love to work w/ him but don't know how the distance will affect things.  Haven't heard anything from him.  will give it a week or so and then try to reconnect with him.  Thanks for mentioning me to him.  Will let you know if anything comes of it

04/23/2008 15:41:49

Hi Maura,

Long time, no talk. Nce to see you and your carvings here.

I zoomed your pictures all the way. Great camera work! Great carvings, too.


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