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Denis E Johansen

I was born and raised near Askov Minnesota. I attended college in Des Moines Iowa (where I met my wife Nancy) and Minneapolis Minnesota. After living and working throughout the United States Nancy and I have retired to her family farm in Marion County, Iowa.

In 1996 a job transfer brought us to Plano Texas. One Christmas Nancy gave me the gift of six carving classes. I was “hooked” and for several years continued to learn and carve with renowned artist / sculptor Carl Bindhammer.

Upon returning to the farm in 2003 we began the process of converting an old hog house built in 1928 to a carving studio. Much remains to do before the studio can be called complete; however, after cleaning, tearing out pens and bleaching, bleaching, bleaching the building with it’s south exposure windows functions nicely as a carving studio.

I carve as often as “life on the farm” allows. I like the challenge of carving on different woods and do not restrict my work to any particular category of carving.

face carving; sharpening tools

Contact me at [email protected].

I currently sell carvings at Shaker Messenger Folk Art Gallery Holland Michigan and Art 101 Knoxville Iowa.

12/31/2008 16:14:20

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01/18/2011 18:41:01

ok.. Trudy told me.. it's Aspen.. boy was I off!

01/13/2011 17:47:41

If I remember correctly, the wood is willow.. not diamond willow.. just plain willow.  A guy from CO I think sold them to Trudy Ginest - and I in turn purchased a few from her.  They were debarked.. and I think we paid $15 a stick.  Trudy can tell you for sure.. it was several years ago .. when I was stock piling my someday projects.

nancydenis wrote:

Thank you for the kind comments on my carvings.

I very much enjoyed looking at the pictures of your carvings.  Of particular interest was your walking sticks.  What wood did you use? 

01/09/2011 02:52:44

Hi Nancydenis,

  Thanks for your comments.  I enjoyed looking at your carvings. The portrait relief's look great.


07/21/2009 07:44:38

Hello !

A wood is a poplar.

Write e-mail I will deport large photos. Do not I know as to you send from this site of photo ? :-)))


03/16/2009 08:51:29

nancydenis wrote:

willhayden wrote: That sounds like good advice.. but I was raised in a time when we did not have much so I try to use all I have..

ENJOY life,


I was impressed with all of your work... you really have a style of your own.. ENJOYED it very much.

Stay warm as it seems Al Gore is not sharing the global warming with the rest of us.


Thank you for your kind comments...  It is a struggle some days to get the result one wants. 

Looking at your photo gallery I am very impressed with the size of your projects (as well as the quality).  How do you get such detail in such a small piece?  My old mentor that taught me to carve always said a larger project is more forgiving - a small mistake is not nearly as bad on a large piece as a small one. 


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