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CORRECTION: Congratulations (& Packages) to...
Posted On 05/06/2008 19:22:34
Please accept my apologies for the list I posted last night.  It was sorted incorrectly in Excel and resulted in half of the names being incorrect.  What follows is the correct list:

Congratulations to the fastest movers, who are each receiving a small carving courtesy of Will Hayden...

Charles Trella
Larry Robertson
Wade Faries
Vance Weidle
Jeffrey Pretz
John Tawodi Hutchens
Al Pilsl
Patti Landmann
Tom Hindes
Charlie Briggs

(Charles Trella gets the "grand prize" tee shirt as the first on the list in lieu of a carving.)

Thank you to all & enjoy your bonus gift!

Website Stats
Posted On 05/01/2008 11:58:07
I don't know if anyone is really interested in this, but here goes...

After our first week of being open, you may be wondering about how the site is doing.  Since this is OUR Carving Club, I figured I would share some numbers with you:

April 23 - April 30

872 visits from 11 countries
12,129 page views
10 minutes - average visit length

22.48% of our visits are first-time visitors

Congratulations to our
10 top (most viewed) profiles:

1.   willhayden
2.   kudgie
3.   Tawodi
4.   lowvillecarver
5.   Larry in Harrow
6.   tomhindes
7.   JeffPretz
8.   Yooper
9.   JonAnderson
10. wdcvr

We are LIVE!!!
Posted On 04/23/2008 13:00:06
A quick prayer to God that this site be a blessing to woodcarvers around the world, a click of the mouse, and we are FLYING!

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Sunday night ramblings...
Posted On 04/20/2008 21:55:48

Well, it's the Sunday night before we officially open to the public, and I'm just sitting around going through all the lists in my head of what I need to do before The Big Day... lots!


Interviews to be uploaded, some website code to be fixed, emails to write, people to help....


All is well, but busy.  None of it will get done until I get back from vacation tomorrow, which is pretty much a travel day for me. 
Get to "fly the friendly skies" again, courtesy of Southwest Airlines.


In other news, I broke down and announced the name of the site yesterday!  Had lots of questions; more, in fact, than I expected.  But that's fine.  I just need to work up a "Frequently Asked Questions" sort of thing and post it over on the news site.


Thanks to all my great preview members, who are already making the empty shell of this site feel like home.  Without you guys and gals, this would just be another half-finished woodcarving website!


Until later... Matt.



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My Second Journal Entry!
Posted On 04/10/2008 21:09:04

Hello, this is my second entry.

It's pretty hard to type and talk at the same time, especially with all these people watching me!

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Website Journal
Posted On 03/17/2008 10:16:39

Hey gang!

As I write this, the site isn't yet even open.  In fact, nobody even knows about it!  I've been very busy preparing a place for woodcarvers from around the world (and even right next door too!) to get together to talk about woodcarving, show off their work, learn from each other, and just enjoy the fellowship.

I can't wait to invite the first few guests to the new site, and hope you like what you see!


*** MyCarvingClub.com ***