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I started carving(trying too) when my youngest was in the 3rd grade working on a school project. THE NORTHWEST INDIANS..so I started carving sticks I picked up along the river that I called beaver wood, since the beavers had remove all the bark.. and one thing lead to another...that was in 1971

I started out doing NW Indian stuff..then tried caricature carving, since I had always done cartoons all my life. Tried all most all...except CHIP CARVING never was good at math..birds, ducks,
signs totems and just plain whittling. I taught for many years and then retired from the active roll and spend time carving for my own enjoyment..I have my end of the shop and the wife has her end.

Caricature carving is my first choice.. still do a decoy once a year.

lEARN something every day... and I do..I always said if you were not learning..."YOU WERE DEAD" so my advice is to KEEP LEARNING.
OH... one other thing......HOW TO GROW HAIR!!!

Do not attend many club meetings any more..but am a member of many..to name a few, SSC, Chicago, Texas Carvers Guild,NW Carvers,Feather & Quill Carvers,Coastal Carvers, Lincoln City, Idaho Carvers Guild,WWA Portland,OR and the Lower Columbian Woodcarvers of Longview WA
so I get lot's of NEWSLETTER's to read each month.
almost forgt..MYCARVINGCLUB on line!!

taking pictures...collecting coins

you are welcome to look at my web site.. www.willhayden.com but no commissions...unless it is something I really want to do.. just don't call the first of December for anything that you want for a Christmas gift.

05/07/2008 21:40:15

Wood Carving Patterns Corner, THE WHITTLERS

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01/21/2009 07:07:12

Thank you for recently visiting my site... If you see anything that warrants constructive criticism please feel free to post.



08/16/2008 11:33:10


WELCOME...but where is the CARDNIAL HAT???I still wear mine??Enjoy your new E woodcarving club....

Will in Vancouver WA

Sorry that I have taken quite a while to get back to you (my daughter got married over the summer and that took up a lot of time).  Actually this  is one of few pictures without the Cardinal cap, the blue cap is the St. Louis Area Woodcarvers cap that I wear at our annual show in November.  Thanks for the words of welcome,


05/24/2008 04:43:38

willhayden wrote:

Tom...was your show this weekend? hope you had a great time and made lot's of money.

Will,   Show was last weekend.   I described the event and how things went in the Forum section.  Thanks for askin.


Tom H

Have a nice day,


05/13/2008 06:02:19

Hi Will, I did receive your package "WOW" That is some great carving!! I hope some day to carve half as good??? I really appreciate the carvings. Thank you, matt...

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